Advanced X Window Applications Programming, 2nd Edition

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  • by Eric F. Johnson & Kevin Reichard
  • ISBN: 978-1558283442
  • December 1994
  • This book is out of print but may be available from used
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Advanced X Window Application Programming, Second Edition tackles the X library in depth, with special emphasis on program-to-program communication based on the Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual, or ICCCM. This book covers X programming issues necessary for all commercial grade applications, even if you use a toolkit, such as Motif. (One of the first things you discover when programming with Motif is that you often need to make calls to the low-level Xt and X libraries.)

Special highlights of this book include the section on window managers (including Motif and Open Look window managers), session managers, X selections (one of the most difficult areas of X programming), and the X resource manager functions.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section I: X Window System Programming 101
  • Chapter 1: Defining X
  • Chapter 2: Creating Windows
  • Chapter 3: Handling Events
  • Chapter 4: The Graphics Context and Drawing
  • Chapter 5: Bitmaps, Pixmaps, Icons and Cursors
  • Chapter 6: Colors and Visuals
  • Chapter 7: Images and Screen Dumps
  • Chapter 8: The X Resource Manager
  • Chapter 9: Working with Motif and X Toolkits
  • Section II: Good Neighbors in the X Window World
  • Chapter 10: Strategies for X Program-to-Program Communication
  • Chapter 11: Cut and Paste Using Properties
  • Chapter 12: Sending X Events Between Applications
  • Chapter 13: Selections
  • Chapter 14: Working with Window Managers
  • Chapter 15: Working with Session Managers
  • Section III: Displaying X Programs Over a Network
  • Chapter 16: A Multi-Machine Chat Program
  • Chapter 17: Issues with Multiple Display Connections
  • Section IV: Extending X
  • Chapter 18: The Shape Extension
  • Chapter 19: The X Image Extension
  • Section V: Release 6
  • Chapter 20: Introducing X11 Release 6
  • Appendix A: For More Information
  • Appendix B: Utility Functions Introduced in the Book
  • Appendix C: Working with the CD-ROM
  • Index

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I'm sorry. This book is out of print but may be available from used and out of print book sellers.