Cross Platform Perl, 2nd Edition

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  • by Eric Foster-Johnson
  • ISBN: 978-0764547294
  • August 2000
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When I first started learning Perl, I actually thought Perl was an evil plot. The syntax tends to the obscure and obtuse and is just plain difficult to master. You'll find lots of bizarre syntax, such as the ubiquitous $_, which does more to prove theories of alien abductions than anything else.

Perl is a very flexible language that allows for many ways to get any job done. In the Perl community, this is considered a good thing. The key is finding a successful way to get your job done. My goal in writing Cross Platform Perl is to free you from experiencing the same problems I did. If you've ever been intimidated by Perl, this is the book for you.

“Before you think UNIX is family-oriented, note that all children must die.”

Let's face it: Perl is hard. So, this book provides and easy, straightforward introduction to Perl with scads and scads of examples. This book goes far beyond the Perl basics, tackling the tough issues that you'll need to solve to get your work done. I tell you where Perl really is evil and how you can get around it. I also provide a lot of handy Perl routines you can use repeatedly, not only as examples to learn from but in your actual work. And, I try to shed some light on the confusion that is Perl. Perl doesn't have to be difficult if you avoid the confusing constructs.

Cross Platform Perl was the first book to cover Perl on both Unix and Windows as well as using Perl/Tk for creating graphical user interfaces. The first edition was rated 4-camels by Tom Christiansen of The expanded second edition includes new chapters, more coverage of Windows and Linux, and a fully-updated text. You'll see a lot more on networking, Windows-specific modules, Linux, and XML.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section I: Perl
  • Chapter 1: Beginning with Perl
  • Chapter 2: Perl Basics
  • Chapter 3: Working with Files
  • Chapter 4: Transforming Data: Patern Matching and Substitutions
  • Chapter 5: Formatting Reports
  • Chapter 6: Perl Packages and Modules
  • Chapter 7: Launching Applications
  • Section II: Perl on Windows
  • Chapter 8: Launching Applications on Windows
  • Chapter 9: Perl for Windows System Administration
  • Chapter 10: Automating Applications on Windows
  • Section III: Perl on UNIX and Linux
  • Chapter 11: Launching Applications on UNIX and Linux
  • Chapter 12: Perl for Administering UNIX and Linux Systems
  • Chapter 13: Automating Applications on UNIX and Linux
  • Section IV: Advanced Perl
  • Chapter 14: Perl for Web Pages
  • Chapter 15: Perl for Cross-Platform Development
  • Chapter 16: Perl for Client-Server Networking
  • Chapter 17: Graphical Interfaces with Perl and Tk
  • Appendix A: Acquiring and Installing Perl
  • Appendix B: For More Information
  • Appendix C: What's on the CD-ROM
  • Index
  • License Agreement
  • GNU General Public License
  • CD-ROM Installation Instructions

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I'm sorry. This book is out of print but may be available from used and out of print book sellers.