Fedora Bible 2011 Edition: Featuring Fedora Linux 14

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  • by Christopher Negus & Eric Foster-Johnson
  • ISBN: 978-0470944967
  • April 2011
  • The earlier edition, Fedora 12, has been renamed
    "Fedora Bible 2010 Edition: Featuring Fedora Linux 12"
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The Fedora Bible delivers an in-depth look at the Fedora Linux distribution from Red Hat. It covers a huge number of installation options as well as how to deal with a variety of standard and non-standard hardware.

The "Using Fedora" section describes how to be productive on a Fedora Linux system, including using Linux office tools, playing music and video, as well as browsing the Internet.

The "Administering Fedora" section describes how to administer and secure your Linux system, especially if you use it as a server platform on the Internet.

The final large section on "Fedora Network and Server Setup" focuses on everything you need to do to set up a Fedora Linux system as a network server. It shows how to use Fedora as a print server, mail server, file server, database server, and more. This section shows how to set up virtual machines on a Linux system.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part I: Getting Started in Fedora
  • Chapter 1: An Overview of Fedora
  • Chapter 2: Installing Fedora
  • Chapter 3: Getting Productive with the Desktop
  • Chapter 4: Using Linux Commands
  • Part II: Using Fedora
  • Chapter 5: Accessing and Running Applications
  • Chapter 6: Working in a Linux Office
  • Chapter 7: Music, Video, and Images in Linux
  • Chapter 8: Using the Internet and the Web
  • Part III: Administering Fedora
  • Chapter 9: Understanding System Administration
  • Chapter 10: Setting Up and Supporting Users
  • Chapter 11: Automating System Tasks
  • Chapter 12: Backing Up and Restoring Files
  • Chapter 13: Computer Security Issues
  • Part IV: Fedora Network and Server Setup
  • Chapter 14: Setting Up Network Connections
  • Chapter 15: Connecting to the Internet
  • Chapter 16: Setting Up Printers and Printing
  • Chapter 17: Setting Up a File Server
  • Chapter 18: Setting Up a Mail Server
  • Chapter 19: Setting Up an FTP Server
  • Chapter 20: Setting Up a Web Server
  • Chapter 21: Setting Up a DHCP Server
  • Chapter 22: Setting Up a MySQL Database Server
  • Chapter 23: Setting Up Virtual Servers
  • Appendix: About the Media
  • Index

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