The best Linux distribution to try is the one you already have. You might as well see if the versions you have handy will work before going to the effort to get a particular version.

About Linux

Adapted From a Presentation

Who should use Linux? It's hard to know where to start with Linux, because it is under active development in so many areas. With Linux, you can turn your PC into…read more about Linux


An Evil Plot?

Perl, the practical extraction and report language, has captured the hearts and minds of computer users everywhere. So much, so, in fact, that some people go so far as to write poetry in Perl, taking advantage of Perl's confusing syntax…read more about Perl

Tk Very Quick Reference

Widget Syntax

Tk widgets, widget placement, and clipboard…read more about Tk widgets

Graphical Applications with Tcl and Tk

An embeddable Scripting Language

Tcl, pronounced tickle, stands for the Tool Command Language. With its associated user interface toolkit, Tk, pronounced tee-kay, you can quickly create cross-platform applications with graphical user interfaces, all without having to learn GTK, Qt, the Windows API…read more about graphical applications

Laying Out Widgets With The Grid Command

Short Examples

The grid command allows you to lay out items in a grid, sort of like an HTML table, where the columns and rows line up. The main use of the grid command is to control the layout of data-entry forms. Such forms are the hardest things to get to properly line up if you use…read more about the grid command

The X Window System

Graphics for Linux and Unix Systems

The X Window system comes with a huge set of fonts. To see a listing of the fonts available on your system, try a program called xlsfontsread more about X Window


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  • Author and co-author of a number of computer programming books on Linux, Scripting, Unix, and the X Window System
  • Software developer consultant creating enterprise Grails applications for Object Partners in Minnesota USA
  • Work primarily with Groovy and Java, but have also worked with Python, C, C++, Perl, Tcl, BeanShell, Bash, Bourne shell, and Ruby
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