Power Programming… Motif, 2nd Edition

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  • by Eric F. Johnson & Kevin Reichard
  • ISBN: 1-558283226
  • 1993
  • This book is out of print but may be available from used
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Power Programming… Motif, Second Edition teaches you how to create Motif applications under the X Window System. And, unlike other Motif books, this book describes all the libraries you need to write Motif programs, including the X Toolkit Intrinsics, or Xt, and X library calls you need to make in your Motif programs.

The primary focus is on creating the whole application. We concentrate on building the main window and following the Motif Style Guide for menus, dialogs, and the rest of your application interfaces.

Some of the key areas include coverage of online help issues and writing international programs. This includes supporting Asian languages and using C++ with Motif, including the most common error made by newcomers to C++ (assuming member functions can be Motif callback functions).

This book was designed as a companion to Professional Graphics Programming in the X Window System, for high-end graphics programmers (especially ones who use Motif), and Advanced X Window Applications Programming, which delves in depth into low level X library calls you'll need to make from your Motif programs.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Section I: Introducing Motif
  • Chapter 1: Using the Motif Window Manager
  • Chapter 2: Motif Programming 101
  • Chapter 3: Resources and Resource Files
  • Section II: Building the Base Application
  • Chapter 4: Pull-Down Menus and the Main Window
  • Chapter 5: Text Editing
  • Chapter 6: Organizing Applications with Container Widgets
  • Chapter 7: Designing Dialogs
  • Chapter 8: Motif Text Strings and Fonts
  • Chapter 9: More Motif Widgets
  • Section III: Getting Down and Dirty with Motif, Xt and the X LIbrary
  • Chapter 10: X Events and the Xt Event-Handling Loop
  • Chapter 11: Down and Dirty with the Motif Drawing Area Widget
  • Chapter 12: Bitmaps, Pixmaps and Icons
  • Chapter 13: Background Processing and Timers with Xt
  • Chapter 14: Initializing the Xt Intrinsics Revistited
  • Chapter 15: Colors, Colormaps and Visuals
  • Chapter 16: Graphics with PEX and Motif
  • Chapter 17: Multiple Top-Level Windows
  • Section IV: Writing Well-Behaved Motif Applications
  • Chapter 18: Working with Window Managers
  • Chapter 19: Cut, Copy and Paste with the Motif Clipboard
  • Chapter 20: X Selections for Active Data Exchange
  • Chapter 21: Drag and Drop
  • Section V: Advanced Motif Topics
  • Chapter 22: Advanced Menus
  • Chapter 23: Translation Tables, Actions and Advanced Resources
  • Chapter 24: Handling Errors
  • Chapter 25: Online Help
  • Section VI: Cutting-Edge Motif
  • Chapter 26: Optimizing Motif
  • Chapter 27: Writing International Applications
  • Chapter 28: C++ and Motif
  • Chapter 29: Migrating from open Look to Motif
  • Appendix A: Where to Go From Here
  • Appendix B: System-Specific Issues
  • Appendix C: Motif Application Builders
  • Index

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I'm sorry. This book is out of print but may be available from used and out of print book sellers.