Professional Graphics Programming in the X Window System

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  • by Eric F. Johnson & Kevin Reichard
  • ISBN: 978-1558282551
  • May 1993
  • This book is out of print but may be available from used
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Thick enough to stun an ox, this book covers one of the hottest topics in the X and Unix worlds—high-end graphics. For best performance, high-end graphics programs need absolute control over how data gets displayed on an X server, and this book shows you how to do it.

Meant for the serious programmer, you'll find hands-on tips and shortcuts for programming with colormaps, alternative and 24-bit visuals, bitmaps, pixmaps, double-buffering, shared-memory, animation, and multimedia.

In addition to covering hard-to-find topics, this book also shows you how to use the techniques in real-world Motif and OLIT programs. For example, I've found very little information anywhere else that shows you how to use alternative visuals in Motif programs, set up the shared memory extension for images, figure out the difference between color cells and color planes (and how they intersect), and use various methods for double-buffered animation.

Working in the high-end computer-aided manufacturing market, I've had to use all these techniques and more to properly display 3D data with anywhere near decent performance.

This book is a great companion to Power Programming Motif for the high-end graphics programmer.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section I: X Basics From Drawing to Menus
  • Chapter 1: Graphics Programming With X
  • Chapter 2: Drawing With X
  • Chapter 3: The Graphics Context
  • Chapter 4: X Events For Graphics
  • Chapter 5: Graphics Programming with the Motif Toolkit
  • Chapter 6: Graphics Programming with the Open Look Intrinsics Toolkit
  • Section II: Color
  • Chapter 7: X Color Basics
  • Chapter 8: Turtle Graphics and X (covers L-systems)
  • Chapter 9: Modifying Color Cells
  • Chapter 10: Colormaps and Visuals
  • Chapter 11: Color Overlay Planes
  • Chapter 12: Standard X Colormaps
  • Chapter 13: The X Color Management System
  • Section III: Fonts and Text
  • Chapter 14: Font Basics
  • Chapter 15: Using Fonts with X Toolkits
  • Chapter 16: Installing, Creating and Administering Fonts
  • Section IV: Bitmaps
  • Chapter 17: Pixmaps, Bitmaps and Bitmap Files
  • Chapter 18: Color Bitmap Files (covers XPM images)
  • Chapter 19: Bitmap Cursors (and busy cursors)
  • Chapter 20: X Icons (includes icon windows for dynamic updating)
  • Chapter 21: X Images (also covers fractals)
  • Chapter 22: Shared Memory and Image Extensions
  • Section V: Animation
  • Chapter 23: Basic Animation Techniques
  • Chapter 24: Bitmap Animation
  • Chapter 25: Double Buffering for Smooth Animation
  • Chapter 26: Animation Standards
  • Appendix A: The X RGB Color Database
  • Appendix B: Rounded-Corner Rectangles
  • Appendix C: Handling X Errors
  • Appendix D: A Makefile for the Sample Programs
  • Appendix E: For More Information
  • Appendix F: Obtaining the Example Source Code for This Book
  • Appendix G: 3D Graphics with PEX and PEXlib
  • Index

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I'm sorry. This book is out of print but may be available from used and out of print book sellers.