Unix System Administrator's Guide to X

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  • by Eric F. Johnson & Kevin Reichard
  • ISBN: 978-1558283473
  • 1994
  • This book is out of print but may be available from used
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This book aims to help Unix system administrators deal with the X Window System and all its complexity. It focuses on issues created by the client-server nature of the X Window System, how to solve these issues, and how to be productive on the technology that underlies the graphics desktop on Unix and Linux systems.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section I: Introducing X
  • Chapter 1: What is X?
  • Chapter 2: The X Administrator's Job
  • Chapter 3: Installing X
  • Section II: Workstations and X
  • Chapter 4: Starting and Stopping X Sessions
  • Chapter 5: Setting User Environments
  • Section III: Configuring X
  • Chapter 6: Exploring Your X Environment
  • Chapter 7: Fonts and the Font Server
  • Chapter 8: Resources and Resource Files
  • Chapter 9: The Keyboard, Keys and Key Bindings
  • Chapter 10: Color and Color Names
  • Chapter 11: Bitmaps, Icons and Screen Dumps
  • Chapter 12: Security and X
  • Section IV: Terminals
  • Chapter 13: What is an X Terminal?
  • Chapter 14: Configuring X Terminals
  • Section V: PC Connectivity
  • Chapter 15: Turning DOS-Based PCs Into X Terminals
  • Chapter 16: Running XFree86 On UNIX PCs
  • Section VI: Free X Programs and What To Do With Them
  • Chapter 17: Obtaining X and Other Free Sources
  • Chapter 18: Using Make and Imake
  • Chapter 19: System Administration Utilities
  • Chapter 20: Creating Graphical Front Ends For Text-Based Applications
  • Chapter 21: Screen Locking and X
  • Chapter 22: Debugging Applications With xmon and xscope
  • Chapter 23: Various Free X Sources
  • Chapter 24: Connecting to the Internet with X
  • Appendix A: For More Information
  • Appendix B: Decoding X Errors
  • Index

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I'm sorry. This book is out of print but may be available from used and out of print book sellers.