Unix in Plain English, 3rd Edition

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  • by by Kevin Reichard & Eric Foster-Johnson
  • ISBN: 978-0764570117
  • January 1999
  • A Russian version was published
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Unix is an incredibly powerful operating system, but its power can be diminished when you have to wade through volumes of technical documentation just to answer a simple question. Unix in Plain English, Third Edition is your answer. It is a reference for instant access to the Unix commands and concepts that you use everyday. It is simply the best-organized, quick, easy-to-use Unix reference guide available. It includes:

  • Unix in Plain English: If you know what you want to do but can't remember the name of the command, just browse through this list of tasks.
  • Unix A to Z: If you don't know where to look for a command in this book, check this reference.
  • Unix Commands: If you know the command you need and want to figure out how to use it, you'll find detailed descriptions, examples, options, and arguments in nine chapters organized according to particular types of commands from file manipulation to programming to networking.
  • Unix/DOS Cross-Reference: If you're migrating from a DOS background, this cross-reference shows you the Unix equivalents for each DOS command.

In our third edition, we expanded and updated the popular Unix in Plain English. Once again, here is the book that translates a sometimes frustrating operating system into words and concepts that anyone can understand. The third edition takes the Unix operating system—which can be obtuse and complicated—and breaks it down into easily understandable components that can be referenced in any number of ways: by command, by DOS equivalent, and by type. No other instant Unix command reference does this.

This book was designed as a companion to the best-selling Teach Yourself Unix.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Unix: Commands and Structures
  • Unix in Plain English
  • Unix/DOS Cross-Reference
  • Unix Commands A-Z
  • Chapter 2: General Purpose Unix Commands
  • Chapter 3: File-Manipulation Commands
  • Chapter 4: Text Processing Commands
  • Chapter 5: Printing Commands
  • Chapter 6: Networking and Communication Commands
  • Chapter 7: FTP Commands
  • Chapter 8: Graphics Commands
  • Chapter 9: Programming Commands
  • Chapter 10: System-Administration Commands
  • Chapter 11: Shell Commands and Variables
  • Chapter 12: Window Managers
  • GlossaryX
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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I'm sorry. This book is out of print but may be available from used and out of print book sellers.